"Doc, teach me!"

My apologies to those of you who have requested to be my students. I don't teach this stuff, as I'm having enough trouble keeping up with it myself. And some of it, quite frankly, I've sworn to my various masters to keep to myself. There are many gong fu schools here in the US, some taught by real Shaolin temple monks, some taught by Chinese experts in the field, and some taught by people who know absolutely nothing about gong fu. ("China? Where's China?") At this point in time, the only monks that I know of in the US who are teaching, are Shi Xing Hao and Shi De Shan in Houston, and Shi Yan Ming and Shi Guo Lin  in New York. Shi Xing Peng (Li Peng) is currently in New York also, and from what I've heard, is finally opening a school in Brooklyn, New York.

In the near future,  some of the monks may be coming to stay with me in Vegas. And yes, they will teach. But, more to come on this.... Stay tuned to the ChanWuXueYuan section for more details.