"Had to get a few monks to turn their little bald heads to get these photos. It really is absolutely forbidden to get pictures inside Shaolin Guanyin hall, because of the delicate nature of these ancient frescoes. They depict the Shaolin monks of yore performing gong fu on the temple grounds, and are hundreds of years old. One fresco is on the north wall of the Guanyin temple, one is on the south wall.

Unfortunately, in my haste, my photographic skills did not do them justice. I'll do better next time...." 1998


Guanyin Hall resides directly east of the Thousand Buddha pavillion. It is famous for its frescoes which line the walls. Two in particular are well known; the frescoes the are on the north and south walls of the building.

The photos herein were taken in 1998, well before the major reconstruction this hall underwent in the early 2000's. The hall was basically dismantled and rebuilt, in an effort to protect the famed frescoes. The frescoes depict martial monks practicing from years gone by.

Taking photos within this hall is strictly prohibited. 


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