"What are the five holy mountains in China?"

The five mountains in China that are considered holy, or, most famous, are: Songshan in Henan (in the middle of China), Taishan in Shandong (in the east of China), Huashan (in the west of China), Hengshan (in the north of China, and Hengshan (different character, in the south of China). The Shaolin temple is located on Songshan mountain.

Huangshan in Anhui province is not considered to be a holy mountain, but it is felt to be the most beautiful. Emeishan, near Chengdu in Sichuan province, has many temples on it, and is a magnificent because of the appearance of its summit, which, usually lies above the clouds. The appearance of the Himalayas in the distance make Emeishan that much more stunning. Depending upon whom you talk to, Emeishan is considered to be one of China's "holy mountains" also. And, with good reason