July 14, 2000: "Oooh, have I got a hangover...."   First true English speaking contact in six weeks, unknown young American female, Los Angeles International Airport.

Who says it's not good to be home? Boy, the doggies were pissed. But I'm home, they're here, and they got over it. And the girlfriend was pissed. But I'm home, she's gone, and I'm over it. (Bye!)  Just the usual yearly stuff. So predictable. The dysenteric illness is drifting away, the last of the beasties have been picked from the scarce hair on my head, and memories of the sabbatical experience now just linger into the twilight of my dusky mind. But lots got accomplished. Lots of information, lots of meetings, lots of talks. Got some video to process, along with lots of pictures. Like, thirteen hundred of them. And, lots to put to the ThinkPad keyboard. So, there's more to come, as usual. Some good, some not so good. Some pretty bad. But, as usual, honest and up front. No candy coated bullshit here. No doubt I'm going to get into all sorts of trouble. As usual.  

To keep track of the new stuff, which, basically is just a slew of various incompetent ramblings that I typed, I've started a new section, appropriately entitled, Fugue. And if you don't know what that means, you can go to a new Resource page that has some pretty neat Microsoft Encarta tools, with, well, a dictionary. The Shaolin FAQ has more stuff in it, in response to all of those questions that I've gotten (Where do you people come up with some of these things?) Another new section, entitled Shaolin Schools, for those of you who aren't too bright and who are actually considering going over there. And, soon, if I ever get around to it, some RealMedia videos on actual gong fu, which should impress at least a few of you, and, a bunch of RealMedia slide shows that demonstrate a few of the traditional gong fu forms. Along with, of course, some more pictures of various masters doing stuff I once got my body to do. I think. Just, not as well.

OK, not even close. But, hey, I tried....