A few basics to get you by in Shaolin. Taken from the "best of the best", the veritable creme de la creme of restaurants in Shaolin village and nearby Dengfeng. It just doesn't get any better than this.

Please refer to a standard Chinese language training manual as to how to pronounce these things.
water kuang xuan shui
rice mi fan
Coca Cola ke kou ke le
bathroom xishou jian, ce cuo
watermelon xigua
chicken with peppers la zi ji ding
beef with peppers chi jiao chao niu rou
fried chicken wings zha ji chi
noodles with pork, vegetables, and egg shou gong mian
cooked tomatoes with scrambled eggs ji dan ghao xi hong shi
tomatoes with sugar tang ban xi hong shi
sweet and sour pork tang su li ji
pork with vegetables you xiang rou si
spicy lamb zi ran yang rou
"How much?" duo shao qian