The Shaolin abbot quarters can be found about three quarters of the way towards the end of the temple grounds proper. Historically, the abbot of the temple resided here, however, during the 1990's the smaller building ot the left of this larger, central structure, was used as the leadership's meeting and greeting area.

Shi Yongxin, pictured below, used the smaller building as his temporary office during the years 1998/1999, at which time these photos were taken. He did not necessarily live in this smaller building, as during that time, he had, according to various sources, up to three other residences in the Zhengzhou area.

The picture of the larger, more central building is the historical abbot's quarters. It lays between the two north south parallel running walkways that are seen in these photos. The smaller building that the unknown monk is walking in front of was used as the abbot's quarters in the late 1990's. Yonxing moved his "headquarters" to a larger pavillion on the west side of the temple after he ascended officially to the abbot's position. He subsequently maintained other residences. 

In two of the photos, he is standing in front of the smaller abbot's quarters, one is with him alone, one is with myself.


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