SHAOLIN Lohan Drangoon Qi Gong

The Characteristics of Arhat-Stake Skill

This is an advanced form of practicing qi gong. It is not commonly known or practiced by the wuseng.

This should all be done in a quiet place, where one is not to be disturbed.  The Qi will not be felt unless this is done daily for at least three to six months.  One should start with a peaceful movement (one in which there is no movement) to put the qi in one place, and then do other moving movements to move the qi around.  One can do another peaceful movement to center the qi where it is needed (i.e., and area of pain, or area where force will be needed), after it is moved around with the moving movements.  Doing two peaceful movements back to back is bad as it can alter the qi in a bad way.  Not all peaceful movements need to be done on the same day, nor do any of these movements need to be done every day.  One to two days’ rest from qi gong each week is necessary.  Peaceful movements are those in which there is no movement.

1. Arhat twisting hemp of rope: Lifting and twisting can dredge the Shan yinjing in hands and strong the qi in the internal organs.  It’s very useful for curing the neurasthenia, sleeplessness, dizziness, bronchoflennorrhen and cold.

·         Left half moon stance, left arm straight, palm up on knee, use right hand to stroke vigorously, from knee, up arm, across chest to right pectorals, and back, twenty times.  Then, in right half moon stance, repeat, stroking right arm, which is palm up on knee.  Once the hands are warm, they can be used to bring warmth to other areas; the face, the scalp (using fingers as a front to back massage), the arms and legs, by rubbing these parts with your hands.  Thirty times. Rub hard, rubbing hands fingers go further than the resting hand.

2. Arhat taking water from well: This skill can help you to activate six joints of shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle and to hasten your qi and blood moving.  It has a function for preventing and curing joint’s paralysis, waist and backache.

·         Narrow horse stance, alternate left and right hands, which are vertical spear hands, always perpendicular to body and pointing straight down.  Start with left hand behind, by crack of ass, with right hand, in front of face, right elbow horizontal.  Right hand drops straight down between legs, then raises up to face level, then, rotate body to right to drop right hand directly behind body, by crack of ass, while left hand comes over left thigh and drops down between legs (to get another bucket of water).  Repeat, each side, thirty times. Make sure that you look at the bucket of water as you put it behind you, and put the hand in the well as you put the bucket behind you.

3. Arhat carrying water: It can push forward the purzle fluent and have vertebra be nimble.  It’s very valid for curing dizzy, laryngitis, disease in neck, vertebra and multiplication.  It can also prevent and cure high blood pressure, disease in shoulder, and pneumonectasis.

·         T stance, both hands at shoulder level straight out to either side, looking at right hand; swing right hand, palm up, in front of body towards and over left foot as left hand, palm down, swings down behind body to go far behind it; swing back in reverse to original position, twenty times.  Always look at hand that crosses in front of you. Reverse stance to swing left hand as above, twenty times.  The right side is the yin, the male, (I think), the left the female.  This is thought to balance out the yin and the yang.  "Too much female is no good" (Mr. Guo). Always look at hand moving in front of you.

4.  Mt. Taishan pressing the top of head: It has a curative effect for the wound of the head and high blood pressure.  It also can help you to replenish your Yuan qi.

·         Low horse stance, right hand palm down above the head, left hand palm towards body at lower belly level, stand motionless with eyes closed for five minutes.  Reverse hands by keeping palms facing towards the body, and sliding one down past the other going up.  This is good for the head.

5.  The martial monk pushing the grind stone: It’s moving carries pulses moving and balance between negative and positive.  It is a basic movement for sending out qi to treat other sickness.

·         Left half moon stance, right hand on waist, left hand palm down rotates counterclockwise at waist level, touching waist as it passes by it, leaning towards left leg as left hand gets further away from body in circular movements, and leaning back when hand again comes close to body.  Eyes are closed.   Twenty revolutions, then repeat, twenty times using right hand, in right half moon, with clockwise circular movements. Keep moving hand level with ground, very relaxed.

6. Cat washing its face: It has a massage function for the internal organs, and has prevention and cure function for disease in shoulder and the waist sprain.

·         Soft left cat stance left palm by right side of face, right palm by right side of body.  Swing both at same time; left travels softly down, palm down, across front of body, to left side, right travels up, palm up, to left side of face.  A small alternating head turning movement accompanies this, generally looking away from the side whose hand is rising towards it.  Twenty movements, then go to right soft cat stance, and repeat similarly, twenty times.

7. Dhama drawing cloud: It has a function for prevention and cure bronchflennorrhea and asthma.  But it isn’t done by persons of high blood pressure and heart disease.

·         Left half moon stance, right hand level palm down, with fingertips by left elbow, and stays there, left hand up high in air, open; clench tight and pull down vigorously as you crouch down a little, as if you are pulling a rope down.  Left hand then raises again to top, opens, and repeat the cycle, twenty times.  Repeat, opposite, using the right hand, twenty times.  Eyes closed.

8.  Embracing the Qianbun: If you practice it for a long time, it will form a rolling qi that is uninterrupted flow between two hands and the internal body, and the dantian can produce the hot qi to move and then it helps you to warm spleen and stomach, strong heart and replenish blood.  It’s very valid for treating stomachache, heart disease, and the wound of internal organs that was injured by outside force.

·         Low horse stance, lower palm is palm up below umbilicus, upper palm is palm down at nipple level, close eyes, stand for five minutes, switch by keeping palms facing the body.  Good for the internal organs.


9.  Buddhist rules often moving: Open acupoint and change qi.  It will prevent and cure diseases in hands.

·         Horse stance, right hand palm down at nipple level, left hand palm down at umbilicus, rotate hands over each other first away, fifty times, then towards, fifty times, keeping eyes closed.

10.  Dhama’s moving boat: It’ll prevent and cure the diseases in shoulder and elbow.  It is also a function for five internal organs.

·         Horse stance, right hand palm down horizontal above horizontal left arm hand palm down, about two to three inches apart, swing combination like boat at sea from right to left, bringing elbow up to shoulder level each time, fifty times.  Keep eyelids relaxed.

11.  Xu Zi skill: It can cure diseases in eyes that is.  Use your spear to stab your shield and use your qi to treat your sickness.

·         Horse stance, hands in front of groin one on top of the other, as you breathe out, saying something that sounds like "ziiiizzzzzz", start both hands vertical pointing down, palms away from each other, bring up slowly to face, open eyes wide, and then rotate hands, palms towards you, extending out at shoulder height; then, breathe in and bring the palms of the hands back over your eyes, while closing them. Leave for one minute, then drop hands to groin, and rotate them out to cup one over the other over lower belly.  Repeat ten times.  This is supposed to be good for the eyes.  With head injury, do not do the “ziiizzzz” noise as you breathe out, as it increases intrathoracic and thus intracerebral pressure.  Or, stand in horse stance, with center of palms in front of closed eyes, for five minutes.

12.   ~ Zi skill: It can strong your vigor of sight nerve and prolong life

·         Horse stance, left hand at hip, right index finger draws a horizontal (laying on its side, not flat) large figure of eight in front of you, fifty times; repeat for left hand. Eyes watch your finger.

13.  Arhat fighting against the tiger: Bow stance, hand against the internal joints of other hand, and opening acupoint and send out qi.  It can cure the lumbar vertebra and backache, backside ache of hip and disease in bladder.

·         Left bow and arrow stance, leaning over left knee, back straight with line of straight right leg, left arm horizontal, palm down, and bent at elbow, right arm palm down with fourth finger aimed at left wrist.  Hold for five minutes, and repeat right side.

14.  Negative and positive, opening and closing: Changing balance of body, promote metabolism.

·         Low horse stance, arms out with bilateral relaxed hands, eyes closed, slowly bring hands together to within two inches apart, and then slowly separate again to far apart.  Ten times.  Moves the qi between the hands.  Eyelids relaxed.

15.  Arhat cutting the mountain: Hundred pulses unblocked after training a long time.

·         Low horse stance, hold arms down crossing and touching at wrists, bring up close to chest, over head and horizontal behind head, then swing entire upper body forward and down swinging arms way up, way forward, and arcing down through your legs.  Return upper body to standing position, as you bring arms, still with wrists crossed and touching, up against body to over and behind head position again.   Do five times. Hands stay in same position throughout entire movement, with wrists touching, almost like prayer hands, but with them crossed at wrists.

16.  The king embraces the moon in the sea: Open acupoint and send out qi.  It can prevent and cure diseases in hands and shoulders.

·         Low horse stance, arms wide apart, eyes open, bring arms out in front of you, and then bending at the waist, sweep arms down, as far out from your feet as you can to get near the floor, sweep hands together towards feet, and as you stand up straight, bring arms up body.  This is usually accompanied by inhalation.  As you pass nipples, close eyes (the moon is bright), invert hands, fingertips together palms up, and push the moon up into the sky, stretching as far as you can. This is usually accompanied by exhalation.


17.  Overlord lifting up tripod: Moving up positive qi to cultivate bone and change three coke.

·         Low horse stance, arms horizontal, with palms down, center of palms over elbows, arms about two to three inches apart in front of you.  Hold for five minutes, first left over right, then right over left.  Puts the qi into the palms.  Eyes relaxed

18.  Arhat sitting on the mountain: It’s valid for sleeplessness, headache, and diseases of kidney and stomach.

·         Stand in a low horse stance, feet pointing directly opposite each other, with left hand on thigh, and right hand palm up above head.  Stay for five minutes and then switch.  This brings the natural qi up from the legs to the body.

19.  The arhat moves the rainbow: It will prevent and cure disease in shoulder and multiplication.

 ·         Stand in almost a gong bu position, left half moon stance, right hand on right upper thigh, left foot points away from centerline, left hand circles palm up from side, up to front, up to 12 o’clock position, at which time the palm is switched 180 degrees, and circle is continued around back to bottom again.  Twist as you move.  Vertical circles.  Look at hand as it turns. Do twenty times.  Switch to other side.


20. Children paying homage to Buddha: One hand can cure diseases in elbow, shoulder, and neck.  It is valid for the heart.

·         Stand in a low horse stance, right arm horizontal in front of you palm up, with left arm upright bent at elbow with knife hand, elbow directly over center point of palm.  Stay for five minutes and then switch.  This puts qi in the hand, and also up the forearm. Knife hand points up to chin, as in one-handed monk doing homage.


21. Arhat moving two arms.  Practicing spiral force.

·         Narrow horse stance, swing arms at same time but one high and one low, palms always facing the rear, from up, palms up when in front of you. Narrow horse stance, swing arms at same time but one high and one low, palms always facing the rear, from up high, circularly vertical to behind you.  Eyes are closed.  Twenty times.

22.  Arhat supporting plate with one hand: Practicing spiral gong-fu.

·         Low horse stance, left hand on hip, right hand starts up high with palm always facing up as if there were a plate on it, in concentric and ever increasing circles swoop hand down clockwise twisting into bigger circles, ending up with part of the third circle behind your back and then out in front of you, swoop the hand back up high, always palm up.  Ten times, each side.


23. The golden cock stands on one leg: Strong kidney and cultivate spirit, practice bone and gather qi.  It’s valid for disease in lung, kidney, spleen, liver and stomach.

·         Stand on right leg, with foot pointing slightly outward, left leg bent at knee with left foot behind right knee, crouch down a little, both hands with index and middle fingers extended from fists as in immortal man strikes, left arm slightly bent pointing straight ahead, right arm with fingers aimed at top center of wrist (putting qi into wrist) bent more.  Stay for five minutes, repeat with the opposite side.


24.  Dragon-shape stake: Robusting five viscera and six lungs. It’s valid for diseases in eyes, liver, and stomach.

·         Stand in soft left half moon/ xu bu (cat stance), with right palm down tiger’s claw at right hip, left tiger’s claw outstretched.  Hold for five minutes each side.


25. Big dragon-shape stake: Valid for disease in lung, stomach, kidney, and liver.

·         Gong bu stance (forward leaning bow and arrow stance) leaning body so that back is straight with straight left leg over bent (at 90 degrees) right leg; left hand down palm  facing left hip in front, right backhand straight out, look at center of palm. Hold for five minutes and then change to other side.


26. Arhat moves his hands: Massage five viscera.

·         Low horse stance; procedure here is to move both hands from right to left, one always on top of the other; the one on top the palm is facing your face and you are looking at the center point of the palm, the other, held lower, and going in the same direction, going from side to side twisting at waist, and alternating hands at far right and left.  Always look at the center of the upper palm, and the lower palm is always “pushing” as it goes across, directly underneath the upper palm.  As hands complete circle, one high, one low always, they should be in a high backhand to the outside, and as they enter in front of body, they should have palms pushing across, as if you were pushing water in front of you.  Repeat twenty times. Can be done above head also.

·         Narrow horse stance, put both hands above head, palms down, circle both together, around top of head.

27. Lotus flower seat: Change the balance between negative and positive.

·         In crouch, with one leg behind other and knees crossed, cross arms at wrists, hold in front of your chest, crouch almost to the floor; hold for five minutes


28. Embracing hands and make your body small: Practice bone and gather qi.

·         Monkey stance from Xiao hong chuan..


 29.  Seven star stake: Strong kidney and waist.

·         As in Xiao hong chuan, feet together, right foot down, toes to floor, crouch, left arm slightly bent and out with fist, fist curved in, right arm bent with fist pointing at left elbow.  Five minutes each side.  Point between second and third knuckle points directly at crease of elbow. Change by rotating swirling arms above head.

30.  White crane spreading its wings: Directly doing up and down.

·         Horse stance, arms outstretched to sides, palms down, squat down with some downward movement of the arms, ten times.

31.  Shivering skill: Promote the blood moving.

·         Narrow, semi low horse stance and relax with arms held loosely at sides, eyes closed. Gently bounce up and down in position, shake everything including legs, first to right, then center, then to left, one hundred times.

32.  Arhat sleeping: Change qi and cultivation.

·         Lay on side, head rests on one fist, other fist is on the hip, legs flexed, top leg has foot in front of bottom knee. The real position is with legs completely crossed, knees also crossed, with head resting on one fist, that elbow is on one ankle, the other fist is on the other ankle.


33. Fierce tiger embracing its head: Valid for eyes.

·         Right leg straight, left foot toes down to floor, crouch down, right arm bent over head with fist, palm forward, left fist palm towards body sits above pubis at the dantian.  Crouch.  Five minutes each side.