We are definitely fortunate to have a wide range of readers who are not only devoted Shaolin aficionados, but who are truly knowledgeable in their own right, and in their own way.

Because of the success of the Foundations section of the site, which is devoted to Eastern Oriental thought and its relevance to the Shaolin martial arts, I've decided to start an entirely new section in the site, devoted entirely to those of you who have that special knowledge, or, even that special desire to research, things related to Shaolin history, it's martial art, or any other facet. This section is written entirely by interested and educated contributors who have that extra special knowledge, and, more importantly, that extra special desire, to share it with the rest of us.  

Contributions to this portion of the web site should be sent directly to me, including biography information and any relevant pictures. Also, any interesting and relevant sites should be referred to me, for submission to the Scholar Sites page.