October 17, 2000: The videos are coming. Any day now. Not only gong fu, but some guy stuff too. And to keep all of your warped appetites whetted and satisfied, a short vignette on Small Tiger Gong Fu, which an equally warped (but ravishingly beautiful, thanks princess!)  friend sent me. More videos to come. Real gong fu. Performed by not so real monks. (Oh, here we go again, drag me through the mud in the Discussion Forum again....)

And talking about the Discussion Forum, it's getting a little big, so I'm working on ways to improve it. Give me a little time. I'll get it figured out soon. Make sure you check out the Shaolin Scholar Sites section, as it is constantly being added to, as well as the Shaolin Schools section. Got some really neat new web sites added in there for your viewing enjoyment, and for your education.

(August 2003: Shaolin Scholar Sites section has been moved to the Links page)