The following is some Chinese (Pinyin) names for the most commonly used upper body strikes in Shaolin gong fu.

    * Li quan: Thrust punch, striking level towards mid body
    * Ping quan: Front two knuckle punch
    * Pi quan: Hammer strike, striking downward
    * Za quan: Backfist towards lower body level, striking upward
    * Shang chang quan: Thrust punch, striking upward
    * Xia chang quan: Thrust punch, striking downward
    * Guo quan: Roundhouse punch, striking at mid body level
    * Ban quan: Backfist, striking at head level
    * Shang gou quan: Uppercut to head level
    * Zai quan: Roundhouse punch, striking downward, starting from head level
    * Beng quan: Backfist, snapping from waist level
    * Liao quan: Backfist, swinging upward
    * Hou liao quan: Backfist, backwards striking, swinging mid level
    * Bai quan: Roundhouse punch, striking level