Dr.Richard Russel,
Shaolin Chan Wu Xue Yuan,
Las Vegas,
United States of America.

Dear sir ,
I think that to send it Again to the new Address given by you will take a lot of time again and I have Less time for my new project to start in Kashmir .
Please print out all the letters and then read them Carefully . Please sir.
I know that It will take you time But Please.
Let me tell you that I have kept a small Hand made xxxxxx handicraft gift for yourgoodself ,which I have proposed to send you on the eve of Christmas .
I request you that if you need any Handmade item from xxxxxx Please tell me I will try my level best or if not then I will send the same proposed gift in your honor. If you will Suggest I can Arrange to Send you Some Photos Of the Art.
Dear sir, I look forward for your very very very earliest reply of the letters enclosed.
Yours goodnessly,

Thankyou ,
Yours truly,
xxxxxx Bin xxxxxxxx
Black belt / Diploma....

Respected Mr.RUSSEL,

Hope that This will find you in best of your Health and Life.....

dear sir ,You have not replied to my last 3 e-mails, sir what is the provlem .Your reply is very important to us ,inface our project depends on your reply ,please and please reply Urgently and Immediately , we are waiting.

Sir please reply Quickly .

Yours Student,

xxxxxx .


Sorry xxxxxx, been really busy. But, I finally got the site and other stuff taken care of. I’m going to go through all of your emails again and get started on your requests now.

Regards to all. Sorry about the delay


Respected Mr Russel.
Shaolin Chan Wu Xue Yuan.

Please and Please for the Sake of God donot speak this word ever "Sorry " to me .It is a Biggest Punishment for me .How come is it Possible that the Man whome I have Made my Master and Idol in Martial Arts Speaks Sorry to me ,Infact I am very very much Sorry that My words have Made you to feel sorry.
So in future donot Speak sorry to Me ..I am very very much Sorry.
It is the time which is compelling me to E-mail you So many times because of less time in our Project and in the Quake Help.
Please Coperate with me we are waiting for your Answers.
Please read All thoese letters Carefully and Do the Needfull .
If you will direct me I can send you again the same letters Via E-mail.
Please Reply Urgently and Quickly .
Best wishes to you ,
Love ,
Your Student ,




His Excellency,
Mr Richard Russel,

May god Bless you and Furnish your dreams.
Thankyou for your vauluable Solution ,I will talk to My Students and Members regarding This and will tell you very Immediately about this.
Till Then Please Reply about The Letters Regarding Martial Arts ,IT IS VERY IMPORTANT PROJECT LETTERS .Please and Please Reply Quickly about My Project and The Afffiliation Letter .
We are Just Waiting For your Replies about That to Start the New Martial Art Project.
SO many many times thakyou to for for Cooperating With me ,I hope That God will give Us the Reward for Helping The Needfull Quake Hit People.
I close This E-mail With a sure hope That this Time you will Reply for Martial ARt Matters Mentioned In the Letters.
Thankyou And Love to My Idol.
I Love You,
Yours Loving Student ,
Please Reply Urgently.
Also I will Soon Send you Official Invitation Letter to Visit The so called "Paradise On Earth " Kashmir this Year,Each year Thousands Americans Come to visit This Great Gift Of God.
And Please tell me How Will I send you the Gift Of Kashmiri Handicrafts ,Which Is on My Table waiting to be Despatched..

I and My Students Really Love you ............


 Respected Mr. Richard Russel,
I hope that you will be enjoyinjg The Life and will be in Sound Health.
Please Tell me about the Devolopments in My Matter .
And do tell me About your Visit to Kashmir .
I am waiting.
Yours Loving Student,




Respected Dr.Richard Russell ,
I and my students Pray for your Longlife ,Happiness and Health .
Once again Thankyou for spending your precious Time On my letters .
I am herewith Sending you the attachment of I-Card Size Photo,I hope it will work and if not then tell me I will send you a fresh one.
Please also tell me when will you send the Packet.
And you are never answering about your Tour to India(KASHMIR) ,and the Gift I want to send to you with Love .
Please tell me .
We r just Waiting Eagerly.
With Love from Me and Students.

Respected Dr Russel,
May God Bestow his Blessings to you and May you Live a long and Happy Life.
If you donot mind ,Please tell me about the devolopment in my matter ,I again request yourgoodself to please go through the letters carefully so As to prevent any problem.
I know that u r a very busy person ,and I also feel ashamed when I e-mail you so many times ,But my project is waiting to start ,and after some time my Academic Exams will start and I will get Busy with study which will Delay my Project several monthes.
Please tell me ,If you are willing to Visit Kashmir ,and Also do tell me how shall I send you a little Gift.
Please and Please Reply Urgently about The devolopment In Martial Art Project Matter.
Thankyou ,
Best Regards and Wishes.
Your Fan,
Pardon me I take your Lot of Precious Time In Reading All my Mails.

Respeceted Mr Russel,
Again you have said Sorry to me ,This is unbelieveble ...Sir u r pnishing Me again by saying this word Sorry.
YOu have not send it late ,infact it is me who has made you to send it Quickly.
Please and Please do never say "sorry" to me again.
I am really really sorry.
Hope all is well with you and May Almighty God Bless you with all His Belessings and give you what ever you want from your life.
I Love You sir....
With Best Regards,
xxxx .
Student ,
Shaolin Chan Wu Xue Yuan.

Respeceted Dr. Russel,
jope that u r enjoying the life.
Please tell me About your trip to kashmir this year ,I am just waiting for that Day.
ALSO PLEASE VISIT MY DAD,S  WEBSITE AT ruginnkashmirxxxxx.com  and do tell me how does it look.
Thankyou ,
Love ,
xxxxxx -
Shaolin Chan Wu Xue Yuan.

Respected Dr.Richard Russell ,
I was just callin my home In India and I heard that they have Recieved a Packet From Your Highness .
I donot Know what is in that ,I am in xxxxxx Pakistan at my Medical College.
Please Pray for me I have A little Problem In My Admissions.
I have no Words to thank you and I have told My Martial Art Students and Mates to Continue the Program .
It is all Possible By Your Help.
Thankyou very very Much .
If I will get the Admission (INSHALLAH) I will Start Preapring for USMLE right from First year to get a job In US.
Pray for Me.
Thankyou ,
Your Student,
With Love,