September 23, 2000: It was the usual phone call, but this time, it was later in the evening, and it wasn't the usual 5 AM "I'm here" shit. The martial monks of the Shaolin temple wushu quan are in town, and they called to say hello. What made the whole event interesting, was the fact that I didn't know these specific monks. But, somehow, they had my home phone number. My unpublished home telephone number. 

Which, leads me to believe, that my phone number is floating around the temple wushu guan. That's great. I've got a bunch of monks in another country running around with my home telephone number. Now, if I can just do the same with a few isolated women's colleges in sexually repressed areas of America....

But, it was great to get together with these guys again. More later. In other news, more stuff on the latest events in Shaolin, in the Destruction section. More stuff from our contributors, of course. The deep down dirty nitty gritty on who writes this stuff, other than me, in the Contributors section. And, my buddy Kevin writes about his recent experiences with me this past summer at Shaolin, in Kevin's Story.

And in the Topics section, from the mouths of babes, so to speak, comes quite the truth sometimes. Check out this very interesting little discussion on Ego and the martial arts. Very insightful for someone of such a young age.