How's Vegas?
Nothing changes. the weather is nice, they're going to start moving nuclear waste here, my mother still wants grandchildren, my younger siblings are getting married next month, the strippers are still wearing the same outfits, and all the girls in my life are still busting my balls. Nothing changes. You'd think that as you get older, that shit would stop. You know, the whole mercy for the aged concept.

Not visited Russbo much recently. My professional cartoon career is taking off... this is where I think I may be or may one day be a master... I don't see the same happening with me and the martial arts.
Glad the cartooning is working for you. You'll have to bless us with some of your creations. As for the martial arts, don't ever plan on being a master. Remember, it's all relative. I'm shit when compared to my masters, though I've got a lot to teach somebody who knows nothing about gong fu. Everything in life is relative. Except the women. They all bust my balls equally.

Anyway, I slacked off the training there for a while, but getting back into it. My training I have decided for both philosophical and practical reasons to keep very simple: push-ups, sit-ups, squats, stretching, running, jumprope etc. plus a few Kung Fu moves. I find modest goals work better over the long haul.
That's the best. No sense in trying to do too much too soon. I always think of this as a lifetime type of thing instead of a "this year" type of thing. Except for all the women in my life. They seem to continually bust my balls in a modest way over the long haul.

I learned enough from Shi Yan Ming and some others to increase chi when I put my mind to it. "More Chi" is a worthy enough goal for me. The kids I meet on your discussion boards who want to move to China and spend the rest of their lives in the Shaolin Village, training and pushing a broom around the training hall... well, Bless 'em, but that ain't me. An hour or two a day, and a bit more chi tomorrow than I had the day before... well, anything more is just Icarus flying into the sun.
Yes. Poor Icarus. Do you think he did it because the women in his life were busting his balls too?

So... I'm thinking about finding a special form. One I can spend 20 years practising and not any other. Do you think the Shao Hong Chaun qualifies? I'm going to look for someone over here in the UK who can teach it to me.
Shao Hong Chuan qualifies, though it's not my favorite form. I prefer the full unabridged Da Lohan, but, it's a monster. Why didn't Yan Ming teach it to you? Maybe the women in his life were busting his balls.

I dunno. What do you think? Am I completely mad or what?
I dunno. Any women busting your balls? As for me, I've been sniffing too much paint. My damn house is too big for me and three dogs. Got any idea how many gallons I've been through so far?

Hope you are well,
Wheeee! All is great! Back to the paint gun!



Well, considering everyone else does it, I mine as well start this note off with..."Dear Doc:"

Yes. Not a bad way to start. Considering that I get some "Dear asshole", "Hey Great Bald One", "Hi Love!" and "Oh you sexy beast!". Usually the last one is a wrongly addressed email, and the one before that is from some overly large female my mother's age.



Anyway, I came on to your site looking for further information and I wanted to say that as well as it being extremely comprehensive and useful (it's nice to see some modern approaches to web sites on Shaolin Kung-Fu for once) I found it quite amusing.

Yes, the site is quite amusing. That's because I'm a sick warped motherfucker. Get used to it. Everybody else does.

Oh, and I'm really sorry about all the Australian spelling and stuff, I know you're probably thinking I can't spell but it's just that I live on the other side of the world.

The other side of the world? Did you know that your toilets flush funny? It's called the Coreolus effect, or something like that. Next time you drop one, watch which way the turd circles. Amazing the things in life that I find amusing.



i'll be in town the weekend of the 29th...
my dads 60 th i'm coming solo to spend some time with him...
lets get together at some point...i know more of what the weekend holds as far as doing stuff when it gets closer.

Call me. I'll be around. Getting ready to open a school, so it's been busy.

Give me your current numbers

Waist: 35. Height: 6'3". Weight" 207. Penis" OH GOD

More like OH GOD WHERE IS IT. You sick puppy. Nothing changes.



If you are in possession of blue or red time warping moon crystals, I need some! Please make me an offer. Please send a (separate email) Email me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Dear Dr. Russell.

Included in this e-mail is a link to the U.S. Secret Service Behavioral Sciences Threat Asessment Techniques. It is available through the official web site.

I am listening to the USAF Global High Frequency System. I am specifically monitoring that frequency known as MYSTIC STAR TRIPLE ONE SEVEN SIX UPPER. The doors are locked and the forensic psychiatrist is locked out.

Cordially Your Shaolin Friend;




Dear doc,
I am a 19 ear old dutch boy and dicided today training in shaolin as fast as possible is my mission for life and that for at least ten or fifteen years and want to become a monk aswell.
I read some important notes at from you about shaolin.
And noticed you know very much about shaolin .
And you said something about xxxxxx too and I feel the same.
Can you please help me with my mission by sending me an e-mail back with the normal shaolin training prices and can I become a monk ?



Knowing some of your tastes you would be envious of me this evening. A former "stripper" has made this great big batch of choclate chip cookies.

AAARRRGGH! Oh, the pain. The pain. Say it isn't so.




your email is freakin hilarious! Jeff is right down the street??? How incredibly perfect and yet horrifying!!! Sorry, it's just so damn funny, and yet brutally cruel to be so close to you, and of course, yes, he's a daily visitor, how can he not? I mean, c'mon, you knew this was coming, and yet to see this come to fruition is so...sooo.... well, it's terribly cruel, some would say evil, but just damn funny. Every super hero has one, now you got yours.

Yes, he's right down the street. Yes, he's a daily visitor. Oh, the pain. The pain. Say it isn't so.....



Hi again,

I would like to ask you about the exact amount of money I am supposed to pay in order to be admitted to Shaolin monastery. I really don’t want to wait until I become older because I want to be there as much time as it is possible. I’m also interested in how old are you and in which city are you living now.

It will be great pleasure for me to meet you and in fact I have very much questions to ask. So I seriously invite you to come in Bulgaria. It would be honour for me to invite you in my home and I would really enjoy the visit of person like you. So if you are ready to come in Bulgaria just write me and I can organize your visit. I can wait you at the airport and, I hope, we will have some great time together. We can more deeply talk about the things around us and I believe that we have a lot of things to tell each other.

I’m waiting for your response.

Bye now.



Hi sir

at this time i am visiting the gave site that u just gave me but the fees schedule as u told me i can't aford that becsue i am not so rich i live in pakistan and u must know that i am a student of final year after this i intend to join scholain it was my desire to join scholain and become what i want to but sir may be scholain and the person who behinde that don't want to make me in this temple.


sir if their any fees concession then tell me.


sir it is look like that i can't afoard that fees so could u please help me to teach u said that u r not a master i don't think so ******* MASTER *******



Hello, My naem is xxxxxx,and im been doing shaolin traditional kung fu for 3 years now,and im 16.I just wanna get into talkin about chi.Because just recently i been roaming the internet and came across an add about chi power.It says in there book they can teach you how to perform amazing things with your chi,thinks mostly the shaolin monks do like chi throw,protect your body from attacks with an ionic sheild ect.So I ve been wondering should i buy there book because i wont ever get to go to the Shaolin Temple until after high school.Im wondering should I buy there book they say it takes practice to master the things.Do u suggest i buy it,im not getting it cause i wanna be a person with power over others i wanna master myselfbut,can really do te things in there book with practice?



Hi, firstly thank-you for a great informative site. I've been practicing traditional and modern wushu since age 10 (I'm 30 now), however despite having lived in Hing Kong for a period I've never travelled to China proper, let alone Shaolin. I'm hoping to do so later this year, in september, visiting Beijing first and then Shaolin for a few days. As I will be travelling with my wife, I have a few concerns: 1 - she's paranoid about flying in China, what would it be like to go to Beijing to Shaolin (or nearby) by train? 2 - what is the best possible standard of accomodation / food in Shaolin, money no object? 3 - she is a fashion model, so she stands out enough as it is here in Milan, Italy. Is she going to have any problems in rural China (we've been harassed big time during an off-the-beaten-track tour in Morocco, my training almost came to use)? 4 - Is malaria a problem, or only fairly minor bowel "irritations" are the worse you can get? Thank-you so much for your help, I hope you can reply soon as we intend to book in the coming weeks. Kind regards, xxxx & xxxxxxx

Does she have a sister? As for the other things, I'll get back to you.



Dear sir,
We are pakistani. We are kung fu player. Our kungfu name is shan tang. Sir our stander of kung fu is not good. We want good stander of kung fu in pakistan. for its we go to china and learn shaolin kung fu. But sir we have not more money. We have only four hundred$. We can go to china but not stay
there. We can not help learning kung fu  We are very poor. We are two friends. Our name Adnan and sajid. Please call us and you must reply us.

I must? Yes, I must. I shall, right away. And, did you know Daniel Pearl?



Ni hao ma?
Hao bu hao ma?
Dongle bu Dongle?
tshay tshay.
You see doc I really need a good Chinese word processor. And a good Chinese/English Electronic Dictionary that doesn't require me to know the stroke order to look up a word.

You're right. That's exactly what you need. BTW, wo dongle.  I think. Anyway, it's all in the stroke order.



Hey Doc,

Thought i'd give you a update on my progress and whats going on here.

I'm still aching everday and don't seem to be getting more flexible. But finished 2 forms and alomst finished a staff form now. I seemed to have lost alot of weight but it always happens on trips to asia. I'm dying for a woman!! Where's the whorehouse in Denfeng!?!

A boy your age shouldn't be complaining to a man my age about how your aching everyday with training. And, as your pseudo mentor here, I probably shouldn't be encouraging you to visit women of ill repute. Besides, I wouldn't want you to ruin any of them before I got back there. Keep training. Focus. Once again, from the beginning....



How are you doing?
I haven't seen you long time.
You know, I am working at Green Valley Osaka three times a week right now. I am going to work at Sahara's twice a week. so I am kind of busy, and I have classes too. Today, I drove High Way first time in my life by myself.
I thought I was going to die.
I was so scared.
One crazy driver didnot let me in, and we were almost hit each other. Next time, I might drive down town.. Anyway, I am glad that I made it!! So, I think you are busy too. Take care!! and I hope we will see soon. Say hellow to your kids!!


I'm fine. Let me know when you're going to drive downtown. I'll stay home.



How did you ever get involved with emailing the ex-queen of Iran?

Dear "doc":
The "old queen" is only ten years older than myself. She is an interesting person. She is an architect and the only woman ever selected for full membership in The Academy of the Beaux Arts ;Republic of France.

She also costs me less money than the hostesses at the Korean Bars. I also like her style. She is more accessable than the dancers of Las Vegas that a certain physician seems to have a fascination for.

Probably, most importantly she answears my e-mails her self.

Are you really asking : "Are they going to try to take Iran back?"
Yes, I think they will.

Glad they're going to take Iran back. And one of these days I'm going to tell you about how "accessible" those dancers of Las Vegas really are.



What can I say? I prefer Belly Dancers to Strippers. Belly Dancing being unique in that it was originally a medical treatment now an art form. It was originally done at child birth by the assistants to the mid-wife in order to take the patients mind off the pain of child birth.

I prefer strippers to belly dancers. In my professional medical opinion, I find that they take the everyday pain of life away. Now, if I can just figure out a way to prescribe them, and get my insurance company to pay for them.



Dear Doc,

hallo there, how are you? i suppose you still remember me do you? well, i hope you do. i have a big question that i wanted to ask.

i'm personally would like to apply for my brother from China to come to the US. but the problem is that he is not a bonafide religious worker. he lives in He Nan China (not in the Shaolin Temple). and he knows the Shaolin martial arts. so, i would like to apply for a visa as the performer or at least the coach trainer for the martial arts, because i have been trying to apply him as the religious worker to the US but he was denied by the immigration in Beijing cause he is not qualified enough as the religous worker.

so, in the past few years since 1996 till the year of 2000, i tried to apply for the R1 visa as the religious worker to the US, but he got denied in the immigration. Here are some big things, he tried to apply the visa through England but he couldn't get through, then he tried that again from Argentina, he also didn't get through. i have been sending so many letters of support said that we are going to support him while he is in the US. i also went to the lawyer and ask if we could apply for the religious visa to the US. My lawyer is a good person and he said all he can do is to write the letter of support and all the papers from the temple, but the rest will have to be the immigration in Beijing.

i have done all of them, but he got denied. he has the long history of visa denied in the immigration. so, last night i was thinking if any person would like to help me with this matters and i thought about you. if i could ask you a favor to be able to support him through your center or dojo as the coach trainer in the US, of course all the expenses will be on me. it is silly of course, i hardly know you and so as you. But, i would be very greatful if i could bring him to the US for our future center or The Shaolin temple of the US. Cause in this case, i would be able to expand the Buddhist philosophy in NYC. My teacher went back to China. and he ask me if i could just apply for the Visa for him to come to the US. And he also does the same thing in China try to get him to go through the immigration.

Oh, the problem with visas. I am by no means an expert, but I have been around the block a few times. AS I have not yet finished with my visa thing, I’m not sure if I can really advise you. I have resorted to working on state senator help, as working with INS has been a real disaster. I have contacts who get me very close to senators. Senate help basically greases all the wheels, if you know what I mean. AT this point, it’s probably the only way.

INS is a nightmare now, especially with the current terrorist situation. They’ve been beheaded and castrated as an organization, and they don’t function as they used to. Basically, they’re afraid to do anything right now. I suggest that you save you money at this time, and wait until things clear up, as getting visas now is probably close to impossible. And, the "religious" approach is probably a bad one, as our government, and their government, does not recognize these guys as being "monks". The Chinese government gives them "coach" certificates, not monk certificates. And as for the Shaolin monk book that they have which denotes them as "monks of the Shaolin temple", well, I have one too. I assure you, "religious" and "monk like" are the furthest adjectives that you might consider using when talking about me.



But if your letter was because you are concerned with my being diagnosed as schizophrenic. I understand that illness better than those who diagnosed me with it.
The problem manifesting itself usually when waking up. For example; it is 2AM on a Saturday Morning. I am "awakened" by voices. The voices are two males apparently standing outside my cottage. Saying, "Do you know who lives here? Does he have any money?." Then the sound of a motorcycle driving away. You see when you are alone with schizophrenia you will never know if that conversation was real or an hallucination. It is basically a problem distinguishing between the dreaming state and the waking state usually most pronounced at the stage of waking up and less pronounced when going to sleep.

I am not ragging on you doc. It's just that you started in like a psychiatrsist there and
I am usually defensive with them. (They are the doctors that almost flunked medical school.). Every once in awhile one of them gets delusions of granduer and thinks they can cure schizophrenia. Buddhist studies help more than a medical doctor can
with this. I do have a copy of The Medicine Master Sutra, though I do not presume to assert that I understand all of it yet.



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Yes. Finally. Bigger breasts! Send her to me!



And what’s with this fascination with De Yang all of a sudden?

Well....not that easy to have been away for such a long time...and I felt so lonely......and he was so near.....

And don’t worry, your secret is safe with me. I would never, ever tell Deyang that he has an admirer in xxxxxx. God knows we wouldn’t want him to leave the monk hood now, would we?



Your Majesty:

If you are not busy you may want to look at my friends website. .

He is a Western trained Medical Doctor and a Shaolin trained warrior.

A warrior/physician.

He is not planning on offering the Tibetan AntiAging Procedures in his new training facility.

I can teach you the Anti Aging Procedures via our correspondence if you wish.

(No Charge and not counted as one of the three wishes I must attempt to grant to you.)

They do work. They are the difference between me having gray hair and brown hair at the advanced age of 54.

I am inclined to move medicine to immortality; "doc" wants to focus on simple longevity, he doesnt know why any one would want to be around long enough to be immortal. I choose immortality because I would want to be around to see what is going to happen next.

Love and Kisses;


Hey, I wouldn't mind being immortal. Tell the queen I want to be immortal. Can't wait to play DOOM MCMLXIII...



Hi Sexy,

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Hi Sexy??? Hmmm. I think I like that better than Great Bald One... Oh, send me more emails...




I am diagnosed as schizophrenic.

I am accessing back from NASA Live after a debate with someone at General Atomic about matter/antimatter generators. Since he did not agree with my second and third assumptions do you want to see the video I sent to him as my response?

I noticed your bit about tigers in China last year. Are you familiar with _Methods_of_PsychoBiology_(Myers)page 171?

I have caused the two tigers at the Honolulu Zoo to develop a fixation on me. They will attack at one particular sound from me. However, I do have enough report with the female to make her break off her stalk.

I think I am still sane and rational and I have no fear about entering her cage. She will probably share a meal with me.

I also have no qualms about getting off the bus with the tigers you pictured on your site.

I do have a forensic psychiatrist on this island that I think is an idiot. An arguement about: "What if's"

The Psychiatrist had a fascination with them so I explained there were an infinite number of them so I do not bother with them.


It's going to be an interesting meal. Let me know, I'd REALLY like to watch this.




Dear sir,

I write to solicit your support to enable me execute a very lucrative and high profiting business transaction. I am very confidence that with trust and understanding, we can be able to execute this business to our mutual benefit and believe that you will not let down the trust and confidence I am willing to repose in you. I work for an Ivorien based public international firm (AXIM RDC), I work as the corporate affairs manager.

Between the 17th -19th of may, 2001 a business seminar was held in BOUAKE Cote Divoire of which I attended.While in the Seminar, I was opportuned to meet Alhaji AU Bostra, the President of IVOGRAIN-SIPRA ETS. Alhaji Bostra is an accomplished and widely known and recognised millionaire farmer in this part of the region. He has farms in different countries of West
Africa. But above all, he is one of the greatest supplier of cattle, beef and other diary products in this part of the coast. On getting to know my profession, ALHAJI BOSTRA took me into confidence by informing me about the purchase of a particular but very important medicine for his cattle. He informed me that he buys this product at $ 5,000.00 USD per carton, and that he mostly buys to the excess of 200 cartons. He informed me that he was only asking me to find out if my organisation could source for him a cheaper supplier considering the recent trend of falls in the general price of beef in the world market which is affecting his business. Back in my office, I discussed this proposal with my boss and he decided to handle the supply by himself.

We carried out a market research and discovered that we could purchase these medicine some what cheaper in Europe for $2,000.00 USD per carton We moved proposal to IVOGRAIN-SIPRA to make the supply to them at $4,800.00 USD per carton of which he accepted. Owing to my role in the transaction, I had an agreement with my director to be receiving 15% of whatever profit that is made on each supply of which he agreed. But on the completion of the supply and the receipt of the payment, my boss renegated on our agreement and refused to give me my share of the profit.

Since then our relationship has been at its lowest ebb. I have since accepted it as one of life experiences. However, as God would have it,recently, I intercepted a letter of request from Alhaji Bostra asking my boss to supply him with 400 cartons of the same product before the 31st of July 2002, I ceased the letter and this letter has not and will never get to my boss. I personally contacted Alhaji Bostra and informed him that I can introduce him to the producer who is ready to supply him the product at $4,400.00 USD, He was very pleased and is right now waiting to be contacted by my partner. We will buy the medicine at $2,000.00 USD from Europe or $2,189 from America and sell at $4,400.00 USD TO Alhaji Bostra. I will be entitled to 20% of whatever profit we make after the deduction of all expenses. If you are interested and capable of handling this supply with me kindly get back to me urgently through my e-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that I can furnish you with the contacts of both our source in Europe or America and that of Alhaji AU Bostra. Kindly be notified that at no point in time should ALHAJI Bostra suspect that you are not the producer of the medicine and we should never allow him know the contact of our real source in Europe as not to allow him by cut us to deal directly with them.

I hope to receive your response.

Yours sincerely,

Collins Kuka
ALTERNATIVE E-MAIL:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Being a physician, and, currently, an unemployed one at that, I am interested in getting involved in a new business venture. Dealing with drugs used to be my life, so, this is not unfamiliar to me. And, for those drugs that I have no personal experience with, I have a lot of women friends, who, when not dancing naked for drunk Mexicans, or, prostituting themselves for slimy old men, experiment with pharmaceutical agents of all sorts. Yes, no doubt, I can truly be of major assistance to you. 

Please respond with more details.




Hello my name is xxxxxx xxxxxxx  from xxxxxx Florida,
I need to get information in how I could get permission about using some of your pictures in a fiction novel that I am currently writing.This book is about a modern age super hero and I needed to train him and teach him some sort of martial arts and religion. After I saw on Discovery channel the piece on Shi Xing Hong I was very impressed about his story and all that he has done, so I would like to include him in book as a fictional character as well as Shi Su Xi, these two character will fit perfectly with my story line.

Is this modern age super hero gonna be big and bald? (Hahahaha!) Send your super hero to Vegas. I’ll teach him "religion". Doc has his own church you know.



To whom it may concern in Shaolin temple .
I am a siraj from libya .
In fact I mean Shaolin kung fu learning in Shaolin temple in China . A Wlakni was still a student in the secondary stage a Warid is that a more complete is my study is also . A question : do there Arab school by near Shaolin temple . And does he enable me that I in a more complete Shaolin Wan temple train my study also . I beg my provision by the pieces of information about this subject . And many thanks to you on any service you give her to me . Then I am in fact I was wanting to go to China after three years from now . He escaped you if I find that there is a secondary studying a specially by the engineering and the temple nearness arab . And found an acceptance from you a builder is one of the trainee in the temple of the noble Shaolin then will brought coming year . Then I beg from you a Watosl that a Bakhbari by all of the pieces of information follows you about this subject . A gratitude . A gratitude . A gratitude The Aasq of Shaolin temple and Alosho Siraj 's sport thanku This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Yes. And a gratitude to you too.



Hi Kristi, my absolutely favorite, lovely, and gorgeous banker,

I'm going to have to draw from my home equity loan soon, to buy some property. Problem is, I'm working on refinancing the house right now. How is that going to affect the home equity loan, and anything that I draw against it?

Hope you're doing well


You can do what they call a subordination. This has to be done before you sign papers on the first and you can get a copy from me, when you get a moment stop by and I'll get it together for you.


OOOH. I just love to do a subordination. Do you subordinate me, or do I subordinate you?



A man endowed with a 7 - 8" hammer is simply better equipped than a man with a 5 - 6" hammer.

Would you rather have more than enough to get the job done or fall very short. It's totally up to you. Our Methods are guaranteed to increase your size by 1 - 3"

Eight inches? What the hell can you do with an eight inch hammer? Where do you people come from?



 Hi, my name is jenifer, a friend gave me your e-mail address and told me you replied to her and sounded good. but she found a real cool guy, so she passed it along to me. it took me a while to write you because i'm a little nervous about meeting someone online. i posted a pic and profile at a site called so you could take a look at my picture and see if you like the way i look, it's a little sexy but i'm sure you can take it.
just go on down,take a look and if you like the way i look then i guess we can take the next step. i think you will like my profile cause it's kind of sexy, but don't worry it's not a porno site, ( what kind of girl do you think i am!! LOL!! ) it's just on the sexy side, and i used it because it's a little out of the way, which reduces the chances of people i know stumbling across it. well bye for now.

hope to talk soon,

Mom, don't your friends have anything better to do? And when are they going to learn how to properly spell their names?



 hey, what happened to you? you know good looking girls aren't used to not getting an answer back. did you get my e-mail? i wrote you a day or two ago trying to get something going, i asked you to go look at my picture and profile at:

if i don't hear from you, i'll figure your not into dating or are already taken and i won't bug you again.

hope you like it,

I also know how good looking girls can't spell. You, must be absolutely gorgeous. Call me!



Hey i was wondering if i could get any and all information sent to me. Im 17 and i want to train at the temple in new york or china and visit china but i can't do it for 4 years and i won't be able to be reached after Oct 28 for 4 years and seeing how well you seem to know the temple that you could help me out.Please respond when you get the chance.Thank you so much this has been my dream since i was young.

It's all on the site. Granted, the site is pretty corrupted now, I have to repair it, but, you've got a lot of reading to do. Go to the Site Map for suggestions as to where to start.

Thanks alot

You've got to wait a few days. I've run out of space on the server, and the site is completely corrupted. There's far too much information for me to put together to send to you. Go to the Site Map in a few days, look at the questions on the bottom, and it will direct your reading. When you're ready to go, let me know and I'll help you set it up.

aight, and again thanks for the help ill probably e-mail you again in 4 years lol you prob wont remember me but oh well thanks ive learned alot from your site cause before i read alot of the site i wanted to become a monk, now i wanna learn and leave the monk stuff to them cause of the college thing that they need . i think that the shaolin rt is beautifal and very benafical to peopele that do it and that is why i am doing it and trying to learn what i can. after i go there and come back im gonna try and learn the tonfa and i was wondering where you think the best school to learn the tonfa from is.

Can you type with a smaller font? Damn, just wait until you get to be my age.... I should have the site repaired today. Finally got more server space. Can't remember exactly what the tonfa is. Thought it was okinawan.

What are you doing the next four years, that you can't start training now?

gotta go to jail for a while for some dumb shit

Only four years for dumb shit? I'm gonna have to start being careful.


waiting for you. You dreamed about me, but never told about this anyone. Come to me and I`ll understand you without words. I`ll be your cruel and hot mistress, I`ll strap on my dildo and take you to the unknown, unreal pleasures. Welcome to my dildo world, my slave, and soon it will become yours.

Wow. Can you wait until I get back from China?



Pour un travail de diplôme que je fais sur les moines Shaolin, je suis à la recherche d'un maximum d'informations et de documents sur le sujet. Votre site m'a l'air passionnant, mais j'ai tout de même un peu de peine avec l'anglais.
Auriez-vous de la documentation en français ou une personne qui pourrait m'aider dans mes recherches en français ?

Je vous remercie d'avance de l'attention que vous porterez à ma demande.

Meilleures salutations

xxxx xxxx


Je regret, mais, je ne parle plus de francais. J'ai etude le Francais dans les plus des ans, en l'ecole secondaire, et, ma francais, est, how you say, shit. Je n'ai pas les documentations en francais pour Je regret aussi, je ne connettre pas des personnes qui pourrait vous aider dans votre recherche en francais.

Ah, mais, pardonnez mois ma bonne cherie mademoiselle, mais, etes vous une young French babe who likes big American types?

Plus de meilleures salutations et avec l'amour,




you know what else hasnt changed, i still dig myself in deep foxholes i cant get myself out of. my parnter's 25 and um, dating, nuff said, now i cant get a peice of hows your side of the world doc?

I dig myself into foxholes too. It's all part of being a man. Careful with the older chicks now. They'll get you into trouble. Me, personally, I like the younger ones.

But then again, at my age, all the older ones are in nursing homes.