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Shaolin Temple Bell Tower

Beijing Forbidden City

Night falls at Ba Da Ling

Shi De Cheng

Deng Feng: Home to Shaolin

The Frozen Lands of Harbin Ice Festival

Mystical Emeishan

Shaolin Wushu Guan

Temple Grounds

Ying Chuan Gong Fu

The guy that makes all of this happen

A Brief Introduction to Shaolin and China

Welcome to russbo.com!

Over the past thirty-five years this site has continued to grow and expand. Full of information on all things Shaolin, including some imagery and stories from different areas of China.

First created in 1995 after the author's first trip to Shaolin, the site has been expanded with lots of information, pictures and videos encompassing over twenty visits to Shaolin and China, during a period of over twenty years.

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